Providing a high quality environment for dementia research

Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre is in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and provides a high quality environment for dementia research.

The facility provides a high-quality research environment for investigations into the causes and treatment of dementia, and care provided by relatives and friends. It aims to commission and build a balanced portfolio of scientific and clinical research and develop and maintain a dementia brain tissue bank.

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11 October 2016

Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre team publish a review on the enviromental risk factors for dementia 


Because the world is ageing, dementia is becoming a major global public health crisis. We know that there are several things that we can all do to reduce our risk of developing dementia – not smoke, avoid developing diabetes (or keep it well controlled), stay slim and active, and control blood pressure. These factors plus genetics probably explain about two-thirds of dementia risk – which means that a third of dementia risk remains unexplained!