Providing a high quality environment for dementia research

Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre is in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and provides a high quality environment for dementia research.

The facility provides a high-quality research environment for investigations into the causes and treatment of dementia, and care provided by relatives and friends. It commissions and continue to build a balanced portfolio of scientific and clinical research as well as develop and maintain a dementia brain tissue bank.

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18 October 2021

To mark the ten year anniversary of the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre, members - both past and present - discussed their research at this year's Alzheimer Scotland Annual Conference on 22nd September 2021.

You can view these talks in the video below.

06 October 2021


On World Alzheimer’s Day, the 21st of September 2021, the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre celebrated a significant milestone – its 10-year anniversary!


First opened by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon – then the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Cities Strategy - on World Alzheimer’s Day, 2011, and working in partnership with The University of Edinburgh (based within the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Languages Sciences, PPLS), the Centre has developed a multidisciplinary research portfolio of clinical and scientific research focussed on cognitive ageing and dementia.


Sir Timothy O'Shea, Nicola Sturgeon and Henry Simmons
Sir Timothy O' Shea, Principle of the University of Edinburgh from 2002-2018; Nicola Sturgeon, then Deputy First Minister; and Henry Simmons, Chief Executive of Alzheimer Scotland

One of the key research priorities of the Centre is the development and maintenance of the Scottish Dementia Brain Tissue Bank, which allows people diagnosed with dementia to donate brain tissue for the purposes of dementia research. Tissue donations provide valuable insights into the brains of people affected by dementia, which increases our understanding of the disease and can help to inform future treatments for people living with dementia. We are tremendously grateful to our donors, their family, and our colleagues and partners who support donation. You can contact us to find out more about brain tissue donation here.  


The research members at the ASDRC, both past and present, discussed their research at this year’s Alzheimer Scotland Annual Conference. A showcase of the Centre’s multidisciplinary work over the past ten years, you can view these talks here.

The team at the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre celebrate ten years of dementia research at the University of Edinburgh